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HP ENVY 13 Series Best Value Laptop

HP Envy 13 Series (Click an Image to GET a DISCOUNT)

HP Envy 13 Series (Click an Image to GET a DISCOUNT)

HP, a company PC and laptop makers have committed to producing premium class laptop. Therefore, produced a top-class laptop called the HP Envy Series Laptop Best Value. You will get a more than just a laptop that you receive from other laptops.

HP-ENVY-13-notebook-2Design that HP Envy Series Laptop Best Value is very intriguing. With material of aluminum and magnesium alloy material makes this laptop look luxurious. Sturdy casing to protect the vital parts of the laptop. Keyboard highly formalized, a parallel between the keys and other keys. Thickness of the thin one attraction of this laptop dar. The touchpad looks large enough, a feature that was introduced as “ClickPad”. The full dimensions of the laptop HP Envy Series Laptop Best Value is 12.6x 8.5×0.8 (w, d, h).

Screen used by the HP Envy Series Laptop Best Value measuring 13.3 inches. The screen of this size I think is the most appropriate measure. Measures 12 inches looks a bit small, 14 or 15 or 17 inches is too large, making it a bit inconvenient when we take the activity. Well, 13.3 inches is the right size. The screen is so bright, the combination of brightness, color and sharpness is so fitting, so the resulting image is so sharp and beautiful. Display has a resolution of 1366×768 pixel High Definition HP LED Widescreen Radiance Infinity. High Definition quality movies played smoothly on this laptop with amazing picture quality. Built-in stereo speaker feels different from other laptops. Indeed, this laptop should be called as a Multimedia Laptop, because the features embedded so special for multimedia purposes, including speakers’ Audio Beats by Dr. Dre “.

HP Envy Series Laptop Best Value has a reliable performance with features that support qualified. Processor Intel Core 2 Duo SL9600 is a major component. Laptop memory requirement is satisfied by the memory capacity of 3 GB DDR3 SDRAM. The quality of the graphics are so stunning wearing ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 with 512 MB memory. Available data storage capacity of 250 GB.


Best  Specifications of HP Envy Series Best Value Laptop :

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