Best Value Laptop Sony VAIO EL2 VPCEL22FX/B


Sony VAIO EL2 VPCEL22FX/B (click an Image to BUY)

Sony VAIO EL2 VPCEL22FX/B (click an Image to BUY)

Sony VAIO EL2 VPCEL22FX/B is a premium laptop at a reasonable price. What are the advantages of VAIO serie this one? We already know that the series together VAIO is a guarantee of excellent quality from a Sony laptop. I can note here is the price that is affordable, without the debilitating features of Sony VAIO EL2 VPCEL22FX/B. 720p high definition resolution is one of them. With such high resolution, then you can easily enjoy the joy of playing games with high-resolution specification, or enjoy high quality movies.Image.aspx

sony-vaio-el2-vpcel22fxb-3Sony VAIO EL2 VPCEL22FX/B screen resolution is 1366×768 pixels with 16:9 aspect ratio, resulting in a perfect graphics. ATI Mobile Radeon HD 6310 that created it. With high speed and collaborate with 4 GB of DDR3 memory produces a strong performance to make the displayed image is so perfect. Powerful AMD processor E-450 Dual Core 1.65 GHz and 320 GB 5400 rpm hard drive, and is also equipped DVD / CD Burner SuperMulti. Full operation is diberika laptop to Windows 7 Home Premium with service pack 1, or better known as 64 bit.

sony-vaio-el2-vpcel22fxb-2Sony VAIO EL2 VPCEL22FX/B has been given the advantage that this laptop provides the flexibility to stain your fingers. Neatly isolated keyboard and number pad with integrated palm rest. Button that feels comfortable on your finger, and delicious when used to type. Webcams are available for two-way video communications and connect with microfon.

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