Guides to Buy Laptop Computer

Now technology is everyone’s best friends. More activity needs to use this. This article is talk about notebook and provides you some guides to buy laptop computer.

Laptop computer is one of the best technologies these days. From kids to oldest people, from schooling until working, all will gain benefit by using it. Many work or hobbies use this service and many dreams born on it. But do you know how to buy laptop computer that fit on yours? This guide could help you.

If you’re not a compulsive gamer or tend to use your laptop to watch lots of High Definition Video, you can buy laptop computer that has limited needs, mostly to web surfing or word processing. You will easily find this kind of product in the markets with various brands.

Guides to Buy Laptop Computer / Netbook Computer

If you spend lot of your time on the road, you must look for a simple laptop computer to buy. A thin and light with 9 or 10 inch screens is the best choice. This kind of laptop computer is well known as netbook, the new technology that very popular in this era. Beside its price is cheaper, the netbook has all travelers need with models and size that support it. But you have to reconsider to make netbook to be your primary computer. When you compare this product to mainstream laptop computer, the netbook has much less powerful hardware. It also has a small screen size that might strain you eyes if you use it for extended periods.

One thing you have to remember before deciding to buy laptop computer, upgrading laptop is not easy. It’s because laptops and netbooks have some parts that cannot be replaced at all, since they are embed with their motherboard. The components that mostly can’t be replaced are CPU and graphics cards. But of course there are some components that still can be replaced such as hard drive and RAM.

Laptop components are the small version of their desktop counterparts. So basically, laptop computer can’t handle job more than desktop because it run at slower speed than the desktop. Processor / CPU inside a computer will have greatest impact on system speeds. You must look for a great processor / CPU which support it. Intel and AMD is brand that mostly people use.

For graphics card, the brand that mostly people looking for is ATi or NVidia graphics.  RAM (memory) and hard drive for storage are components you can choose depends on your needs.

The gamer needs a laptop with an integrated graphics solution such as the GMA 950 or 4500 MHD. The netbooks mostly come with 1 GB of RAM. But now you will easily find the higher-end models using 3 GB or 4 GB of RAM. Even laptop computer with 8GB and 16 GB of RAM are also available. You can pick storage according to your need. If you will just store spreadsheets and office documents, you will not need much space. But if your laptop save more data such as movies, music and photos, you will need a large hard drive. Basic laptops usually come with 80 GB or 160 GB hard drives. But if you need more, the new models are already available with 500 GB or even 640 GB.

Currently, Intel and AMD are leaders of CPU manufacturers. In fact, there are many other chip-makes. But many buyers pick Intel processors since Intel processor has more impact on system speeds. Many users also believe that Intel has longer life than other processor.

So if you want to buy laptop computer, you must believe that laptop will give you all you want and all you needs in every moments. And the best choice of yours will impact to your spending.

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