Cheap Computers UK: Dell OptiPlex GX260

Dell introduces the OptiPlex GX260, the cheap computer in UK with a superb case design. It comes with a Intel’s new 845G chipset in Dell motherboard and powered by a 2.26GHz Pentium 4 processor. These UK’s cheap computers support the Intel’s latest take on integrated graphics and 533MHz bus. Now, GX260 also supports USB 2.

These cheap computers in UK are the first Dell desktop PC to feature an integrated Intel PRO/1000 MT 1Gbit/sec Ethernet adapter. It means the GX260 will give you a network-ready PC straight out of the box. It makes this UK’s cheap computer becomes the ideal roll-out PC for businesses switching over to a 1Gbit/sec network.

At the front of these cheap computers, there are two USB 2 ports mounted under a pull-out flap with a headphone jack. On backplane, there are the other four USB 2 ports with a PS/2 keyboard and mouse port. The GX260 provides six USB 2 ports. And unlike some new legacy-free business PCs, you still can find a serial and parallel port available. Combining long-established ports that are still difficult to do without, with USB2 and the modern backward-compatible standards like 1Gbit/sec networking, makes the GX260 a great business PC.

Cheap Computers UK: Dell OptiPlex GX260 (click the image for full specifications)

Cheap Computers UK: Dell OptiPlex GX260 (click the image for full specifications)

This cheap computers UK is also designed to be easily upgradable. Just push the two side buttons and lift the cover, and you will see its components. The cases are available in three style: small desktop, small mini-tower and small form factor.

The GX260 is powered by the Intel 845G integrated graphics that support 32-bit colour and produces analog output, which is more than enough to support business use.

This cheap computers UK comes starting out with 128 Mb of RAM, a floopy drive and 48x CD-ROM. It also comes with the Dell’s basic 20Gb harddisk from Maxtor that look limited, but it’s sufficient enough for general purpose. If you want, it’s a good idea to upgrade from the start, and you can get this UK’s cheap computer with 256Mb of RAM, 40GB storage and a CD-RW. The GX260 is covered by three year warranty from Dell.

If you are looking for the cheap computer in UK that quiet, easy to access, with a brilliant case design, faster processor and high-speed networking, The Dell GX260 is a smart choice.

Click here to see more details specification of cheap computers UK, Dell Optiplex GX260.

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