Envision EN-775e 17″ CRT Cheap Monitors

A CRT monitor screen tech comes with a Envision EN-775e 17″ CRT cheap monitors. Screen size 17 inch computer monitor with a simple design but does not reduce the beauty of this product. Creamy white to the front of the screen, while the back is black, is perfect considering the use of so long we sometimes neglect to clean up this section, the black color is perfect to disguise the dust that settle on it. With a screen size of 17 inches is very clear to display your computer screen. The price offered was cheap, very economical.

These 17 inch cheap monitors have screen resolution 1024 x 768 pixels, and stable with a frequency of 85 Hz. This supports the picture and the display screen is clear and sharp enough for our views. So without hesitation I say these cheap monitors capable of displaying images in a consistent, clear, sharp and consistent, so that the Envision EN-775e is a high-quality computer screen, flat sail, which can be count for purposes of your computer screen.

Envision EN-775e 17" CRT Cheap Monitors (click on image to have special offers)

Envision EN-775e 17" CRT Cheap Monitors (click on image to have special offers)

Settings screen on the slope, the image contrast, brightness of light can be adjusted according to your taste. All these settings can directly be set thanks to the display control panel located on the screen. Envision EN-775e 17 “CRT cheap monitors also has a port to connect to others through port 15-pin mini D-sub. Service after sales of these products were quite supportive with a 3-year warranty on parts.

Features of Envision EN-775e 17” CRT cheap monitors :

-                Anti-glare screen treatment

-                Dimensions Height 15.84 in. Width 16.15 in. Depth 16.55 in. Weight 35.28 lb

-                PureFlat CRT screen

-                Simple plug-and-play setup and operation

-                16-inch viewable image size with 0.21 mm horizontal dot pitch

-                Resolution 1,280 x 1,024 maximum pixel

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