Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

I can briefly describe that Cloud computing is a general term for anything that involves the host providing the service over the Internet. More details, cloud computing is the renunciation of the use of computer technology as well as development based on Internet technology. Why do we need this in the end? This is all nothing but the result of socio-economic circumstances that without us knowing it continues to experience very rapid revolution that eventually we reach a point where cloud computing delivery. Cloud Computing technology is needed to add speed and more reliability than previous technologies that Cloud Computing technology would eventually reach the level of investment in terms of cloud service is quick and easy.

Once pulled, so that we know today there are some investors are still trying to explore the adoption of this technology cloud to be their mainstay business. You certainly are very familiar with Amazon, Google, Microsoft and IBM. They already have a special offer on for cloud technology and have invested millions of dollars for this.

Cloud computing technology will directly give the contract to the user for the service on three levels. The first, Infrastructure as Service, that includes Grid for virtualized server, storage & network. The second, is Platform-as-a-service, which focuses on applications where the developers to not worry about the hardware and they can remain focused on its application development without having to worry about any other operating system or other things. The latter is a Software-as-a-service, this is more to focus on applications with Web-based interface that is accessible through Web Services and Web 2.0.

In a cloud computing system, you can use it through the transfer of workload that can make your company’s performance more effectively. The local computer no longer have to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to running applications. Computer networks that make up the clouds to handle them instead. Hardware and software demands on the user side down. But computer users should be able to run this system. The software interface of cloud computing systems could be used as a simple system such as Web browsers and network cloud care of the rest.

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