Intel DH55TC Motherboard Computer Hardware Review

Every couple of years, Intel usually releases a new architecture for motherboard computer hardware chipsets. The P55 Express is Intel’s chipset that’s released to support the new Core i7 and i5 CPUs on a new Socket 1156 interface. And the most recent chipset they are launching which is based upon the same core technology as the P55 chipset is the Intel H55 chipset computer hardware. Different than P55, the H55 chipset comes with integrated graphics. Some computer hardware review says that at 3.33GHz, the second fastest variant of their new i5 Dual Core CPUs is the Core i5-661.

 Intel DH55TC features:

  • Intel Remote PC Assist Technology
  • Intel Quiet System Technology
  • Support for HDMI, DisplayPort and DVI
  • Intel Rapid Storage Technology
  • Intel Flexible Display Interface
  • Integrated Clock chip buffer
  • Intel HD Audio
  • SMBus 2.0
  • 14 USB 20 ports
  • Six SATA ports
  • Intel Identity Protection Technology
  • Internal memory controller
  • I/O
  • Display Controller
Intel DH55TC Motherboard Computer Hardware Review (click the image for more details)

Intel DH55TC Motherboard Computer Hardware Review (click the image for more details)

The computer hardware review finds many specification of H55 chipset that similar with the P55 chipset. At the earlier chipset, Intel uses the Southbridge for its graphiscs. And then for the H55 chipset, they moved the integrated graphics to the CPU. They also put the relegated control of the PCI Express lanes for H55 graphics to the processor. That makes the DH55TC comes with 16 PCI Express lanes for external graphics if neccessary.

Replacing the Front Side Bus on the G43 chipset, the H55 chipset communicates to the processor via the DMI (Direct Memory Interface). It also supports up to 14 USB 2.0 and 6 SATA ports. The H55 chipset comes with the I/O and Clock Buffer as well. The Intel H55 also comes with display controller. The connection is called the Intel Flexible Display Interface.

The computer hardware review indicates that mostly of personal computer is used for other tasks than playing a high-end computer games. This fact makes Intel’s new Clarkdale CPU accomplishes two tasks. The is DH55TC motherboard encoded by the on-CPU integrated graphics of the Core i5-661 and full support of Blu-ray playback. This combination makes the DH55TC motherboard is an attractive choice for Home Theater PC owners.

 Compare to computer hardware review of other chipset using onboard graphics of the GMA 4500 HD solution, the integrated graphics on the CPU using DH55TC motherboard is run faster. With integrated sound, DH55TC do well for a HTPC user. The computer hardware review recommends the DH55TC motherboard for innovation in technology and being first to market with this type of solution.

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