HDMI VS Component Video Cables

When choosing video cables, consumers have two different options from which they can choose. HDMI and component video cables are the most popular types of cables. This of course leads to the question as to what are the differences between the two and which one is the best to purchase. HDMI and component video cables have many common attributes but have many differences as well. HDMI and component video cables are alike in that they both can support similar video resolutions. However, the major differences come in the way in which they deliver their signals.

HDMI cables transmit digital signals. This means it delivers this as a stream of data. On the other hand, a component video cable delivers analog signals. The signal is broken down into different voltages according to the different colored parts of the signal. In the past, component video cables were the most used because at the time most signals were transmitted as analog signals. However, this is not the case today as more and more signals are being sent via digital format. This does not mean that you cannot use a component video cable to transmit a digital signal. It does in fact work. However, the trade off is that you will lose some of the quality of your digital signals when you rely on a component video cable for transmission.

HDMI Cables (click on picture to buy)

HDMI Cables (click on picture to buy)

When putting the two types of cables (HDMI and component video) head to head for comparison. Most would agree hands down that the HDMI cable is the much better cable to transmit video signals. HDMI is not only capable to transmitting digital signal but can also transmit surround sound and all of this is accomplished through the use of one cable. Component video is unable to do both tasks as it is only mean to transmit video signals.

Another difference occurs in the type of resolutions the two cables can handle. While they both are able to transmit high definition resolutions, the component video only can support resolutions of 720p and 1080i. HDMI is able to transmit resolutions at the much higher 1080p. Therefore, this is another reason why the HDMI cable it your best option.

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