Apple MacBook Air MC966LL/A

Apple MacBook Air MC966LL/A (click an Image to get special Prize)

Apple MacBook Air MC966LL/A (click an Image to get special Prize)

Apple has a very varied selection of products. All that has excellent features, such as those owned by Apple MacBook Air MC966LL/A, a super thin laptop but has a very good specification, which can support your work. Design that offered very supportive to emit an elegant impression.

Apple MacBook Air MC966LL/A is really thin. The thickness of this laptop is only 17 mm with a weight of only 1.3 Kg. A laptop that is really thin and is ideal to carry on the way or be used to support your work is mostly done in the outdoors. With dimensions of 325×227x17mm make it practical for laptop use.

Another attraction is provided by Apple through the Apple MacBook Air MC966LL/A is the latest version of the OS embedded therein. Advantages latest OS called Mac OS X Lion is more abundant with the latest features, you name it iLife, a software that is ready to support your creations. Operating speed of this laptop is definitely going any faster, let alone supported by a series of powerful features.

The main Spesifikaasi of Apple MacBook Air MC966LL/A in support entirely by an Intel Core i5 with a maximum speed of 1.7 GHz. RAM capacity of 4 GB DDR3 SDRAM type pinned to fully support the reliable performance of the Apple MacBook Air MC966LL/A. Sized 13.3 inch screen looks beautiful with a resolution of 1440×900 pixels that produces sharp images with a captivating color support. The screen itself looks shiny but not to dazzle the eye because it is coated by an anti-glare materials to minimize pantuan.

Apple_Macbook_Air_MC966LLAApple is famous for the production of reliable laptops in the affairs of the graphics. It is also not immune from the series Apple MacBook Air MC966LL/A by providing reliable GeForce 320M graphics processor with 256 MB memory. These processors provide the highest frame rates compared with laptops its competitors, making it perfect for high-level graphics support required by laptop users.

For business connections, Apple MacBook Air MC966LL/A fairly complete. Offers a Wi-Fi 802.11n. But for an Ethernet connection, Apple MacBook Air MC966LL/A should have the support not provided an adapter for a built-in therein. 2 pieces available USB port on the edge, while the Firewire connection has not been provided.

Apple MacBook Air MC966LL-A 2Battery life Apple MacBook Air MC966LL/A claimed to be able to provide power supply for up to 6 hours of usage. This is very helpful for those of you who operate your laptop without electricity. But the lack of optical drive should be a concern. This may be using alternative external drives that require extra activity.

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