ASUS Disney Netpal Mini Notebook Computer

Asus has a notebook product for child’s usage: Asus Disney Netpal mini notebook computer. Asus and Disney have joined to make mini notebook computer product for children that designed fun, creative and save for children and their parents to learn computer’s world. Why’s Disney? For kids aged 6 to 12, Disney is the popular character. For example Micky Mouse, Toy Story, Disney Classic, Disney Princess Disney Pixar, Club Penguin and Wall-E are popular for child’s world.

With this mini notebook computer series, your children can change their own desktop with popular characters of Disney, as many as they like. Not just that, with the Disney fix application software, your kids can be improved by inserting images of their faces on top of bodies, download video and postcard and play moving dancing scenes, all for their fun and education.

With those all features for children, Asus also allows parents to control all their children’s activity. They can pre-select the websites that they can visit, or choose the program they can install. Parent’s approval can be scheduled conveniently by calendar or automatically on days and time that chose by parents. Additionally, websites can be added to be accessed by children, but it can work only if the parents approve that by submitting the request with the password for protecting the system. All for safety, Asus Disney Netpal mini notebook computer allows parents to create a web-save environment and pull up data to determine where children spent time and for how long they can use this mini notebook computer.

ASUS Disney Netpal Mini Notebook Computer (click the image to see its full specifications)

ASUS Disney Netpal Mini Notebook Computer (click the image to see its full specifications)

Asus Disney Netpal mini notebook computer features:

  • 5 hours of battery life with Asus super hybrid engine.
  • 160GB HDD Asus Hybrid storage with 10GB EEE online storage are available for convenient access to files.
  • Built-in Wireless internet connectivity, stereo speakers, webcam, and microphone to help your children experience the interactive learning.
  • The intuitive Disney desktop makes this mini notebook computer easily to use by 6-12 years old children.
  • Jam packed with Disney themes customization options and applications for fun.
  • Engineered for everyday use, Disney Netpal is designed in compact chassis makes it lightweight.
  • More than two dozen robust parental control options such as timed managed controls and white list accessibility for website-save

Click here to see Asus Disney’s Netpal full specification and get this mini notebook computer with special price.

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