Operating System X LION

Apple with its range of reliable engineers have worked hard to make the development of their operating system. They have managed to make of Apple’s latest operating system called OS X Lion. They claim there are many new features that are ready to be enjoyed by its users. Unfortunately, through this new operating system features touchscreen is still not able to be enjoyed.

Which according to news touchscreen features highly-awaited by lovers of the Mac, still have to be patient again. However, still MultiTouch feature you can use with some development. You can use input devices such as Apple’s Magic trackpad to zoom, pan, roll or for scrolling. You can use it with fewer gestures. This is all you can enjoy your laptop when on the built-in trackpad. It is called as the new Multi-Touch gestures.

One of the most visible is more attractive than other features is a Mac App Store. This time it will add the ability to purchase, such as applications to improve your computer security has been provided with a push notification to the application, so it makes it easier. Or a software update that became faster after you change the update version of DELTA. You only need to download changes to the code. This is very useful because if you use this you do not need to download the entire file to update the OS at the time. Become more practical is not it?

Launchpad, the setting will offer all the applications you use so that more neatly and according to your taste. You can view the entire application in the form of icons. Not only that, you can also set it. You can see this Launchpad feature only with the movement of your fingers to do the ‘click’ on its application in the Dock. Launchpad will automatically display it in the form of icons.

Mission Control, Made by Apple for the development will be Spaces, Dashboard and Exposé. If the previous workspace in Spaces System Preference is set. This time is converted into a separate workspace. Located under the left column Workspaces. This development allows you to add or remove a desktop or interesting applications and windows from the desktop to another desktop.

Mail, email client on the X LION changed significantly. Also added a new column, such as conversation view, search suggestions, preview messages and threads that have a color code. In the conversation you are given the option to see an email from a thread. In search suggestion field, you will be facilitated by giving an idea of ??the word you’re looking for. All are made to further simplify your course.

There are still other features that I do not discuss here. But my conclusion from X Lion is conducted by Apple’s development is very good. You will be more simplified compared to the previous version, although for those of you who are new to Apple products might be a little confused when operating it.

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