Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000


Samsung Galaxy NOTE (Click an Image to get SPECIAL PRIZE)

Samsung Galaxy NOTE (Click an Image to get SPECIAL PRIZE)

Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 is a new option for the best gadget for your use. This is a little different from what we know as the tablet PC. Maybe when you first see it, you will be confused, including the category of what this device. This time I tried to discuss it for you.

samsung-galaxy-note-whiteSamsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 has a screen size of 5.3 inch. With a screen size of this, but its thickness is only 9.65 mm, so the Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 easy to take to follow your activities. The full dimensions are 146.85×82.95×9, 65 mm. 5.3 inch screen into a new experience for you, for berekplorasi with a new gadget, a new experience for a smart phone. HD 1280×800 pixel screen resolution AMOLED super manifold, which will take you to the real beauty of the screen, while you enjoy the movie High Definition resolution. The resulting image is very sharp, the resulting color is very beautiful.

As with other smartphones, Samsung Galaxy GT-N7000 Note equipped with fast internet access capabilities, this is a must for the moment, given our current very dependent of the world internet. With HSDPA speeds of up to 21 Mbps produce an amazing speed.

Galaxy-Note-cameraSamsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 prepare high-resolution 8 MP camera. You like equipped tool for the professional photograpy, with at least 12 dilengkapinya with superior features for camera Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000. For the photos, you can create your personalized photo and video using the S-Pen, make statements or comments of photos and video. You can easily make a note of the precious moments or other important moments. You may also be possible to share the screen capture in text messages and e-mail.

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