Apple has broken the estimate of people who expected to call the new series of iPad with iPad name 3. Officially, they have introduced a new series in March iPad ago under the name The New Ipad. They deliberately did not add the 3 series for lovers of Apple products can not guess this one product. What kind of development that Apple did, let’s see my review below.

ipad3In terms of design, The New Ipad not appear to be different from the iPad2, as well as its size. Luxury design will be retained to become the pride of its users. Weight and thickness only slightly different from the iPad 2. The New Ipad has a thickness of 9.4 mm, 0.6 mm thicker than iPad2, while weighing 662 grams, 55 grams heavier on appeal iPad2. However, this difference does not make trouble for the lovers of the iPad. Evidently, this third generation iPad has sold 3 million units in just a short time.

ipad 3 layarUnlike the weight and thickness are worse than the previous series, for the performance of The New Ipad have seen significant changes. Apple uses Apple A5x SoC processor 1 GHz Dual Core, which is able to respond to any command that is executed well. With these processors, The New Ipad able to access the 4G LTE network, so the ability to access the data in terms of internet becomes more leverage, and is the best for now. Camera performance is also much better than iPad2 which has a resolution of 5 MP with a myriad of supporting features such as touch to focus, autofocus, face detection, video stabilizer and black-illuminated sensor. While the resulting video quality is quite good with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixel High Definition at 30 fps, which is supported by the video image stabilization feature. Apple added an interesting feature called Beam, which is able to share the photos with other users IOS using Wi-Fi connection.
Operating System The New Ipad using the latest OS version 5.1 is seen more quickly in the operation of The New Ipad. While the screen looks to be one focus of significant development of The New Ipad. The New Ipad screen appear brighter, sharper and clearer, thanks to the LED-backlit IPS TFT Capacitive Touchscreen, 1536×2048 pixel resolution resulting in 16 million colors. The size of the screen itself is 9.7 inches with support oleophobic coating, thus making the screen to remain crystal clear even under the scorching rays of the sun.

With a series of advantages offered by The New iPad, I think The New iPad is one of the best tablet for now.ipad3 tipis

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